McDonald's McFlurry hashbrown sandwich mashup item is going viral

Jun 7 2023, 6:52 pm

Food trends, hacks, and mashup items are common, but customers have been creating one on TikTok that sounds particularly…bizarre: the McDonald’s McFlurry hashbrown sandwich.

That’s right…people on social media have essentially been putting McFlurry ice cream of all flavours between two hashbrowns.

It’s actually a hack that makes some sort of sense, even if it is a bit weird and seems to kind of spoil two of the best things at the fast food chain. People have been dunking their fries into the Wendy’s Frosty for years, and this seems like a sophisticated upgrade from that. Right?

@joiebaoz 100000/10 & the garlic chilli is a gamechanger!!!! dont knock it till you try it 😭 trend by @Arvan Family #mcdonalds #hashbrownmcflurry #hashbrown #mcflurry ♬ original sound – Joie Tan

Like Katy Perry said in her song, this thing is definitely hot and it’s cold…but is it a yes or a no? TikTok has been blowing up lately, with so many people and influencers trying the latest trend.

From Smarties to Oreo to the Strawberry Shortcake flavour and more, it really does seem like everyone is loving it.

It appears that TikTok user arvanfamily was the first to try it, inspired by late-night cravings, and that video has already garnered over six million views.

@arvanfamily Snack Series ✨ Comment what i should try #fyp #arvanfamily #mcdonalds #snack #snackhack #cravings #weirdcravings #hashbrownsandwich #icecreamsandwich #mukbang #eatingshow #foodtok ♬ original sound – Arvan Family

Here are some of the best reaction videos to the unique food item anyone can easily make themselves.

@simplydaniellex Hasbrown & mcflurry icecream sandwich #fyp #trending #hashbrownmcflurry #mcdonalds #maccas #viral #foryou #foryoupage #arvanfamily ♬ original sound – Simplydaniellex #hashbrownmcflurry #dubai #mcdonaldshacks #fyp #الشعب_الصيني_ماله_حل😂😂 #دبي #ترند ♬ оригинальный звук – Sadu

@daniellagibson the things i do for food trends bro 🤣 also im on 5.5 hours sleep dont mind how awful i look & my pimple im on ny period xx #fyp #hashbrownandmcflurry #vlog #oreomcflurry ♬ original sound – Daniella Gibson

Would you try this new food mashup? (Beware of melting). If this isn’t your thing, remember McDonald’s also just brought back the Strawberry Baked Pie for a limited time.

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