Maki Maki Restaurant in Edmonton closed by AHS

Apr 4 2023, 8:42 pm

The Maki Maki Japanese & Vietnamese Restaurant was recently closed after an executive officer of Alberta Health Services (AHS) inspected the establishment.

The inspector found several violations at Maki Maki Japanese & Vietnamese Restaurant, located at 8109 101st Street NW in Edmonton, that could be harmful or dangerous to public health.

“Significant evidence of a mouse infestation,” reads the written order from the AHS. “Including droppings on floors, shelves, counters, food preparation surfaces, food storage containers, moveable carts, etc.”

“Pest control reports indicate several outstanding sanitation and structural concerns favorable for pest entry and infestation.”

This closure order from the AHS was dated March 29.

There were other instances of unhealthy conditions found by the inspector, including “foods were not protected from contamination, including mouse droppings on top of and around foods” and “the dishwasher was not operating properly.”

“Unsuitable items (ie, bowls) were as food scoops and utensils/equipment were not stored in a sanitary manner.”

Before the restaurant could reopen, the owner must undertake and diligently pursue the completion of several work-related changes, including ensuring “that the facility is free of pests and of conditions that lead to the harbouring or breeding of pests, including employing the services of a licensed pest control company and taking any measures they deem necessary to investigate and disinfest the premises.”

There are also several repairs, storage, and deep cleaning duties to perform before reopening as well.

Dished has reached out to management for comment.

Maki Maki

Address: 8109 101st Street NW, Edmonton

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