Edmonton lowering residential speed limits to 40 kilometres per hour

Mar 12 2020, 6:06 pm

Edmonton City Council has voted to lower speed limits on the city’s residential streets from 50 kilometres an hour to 40 kilometres an hour.

Streets with high pedestrian traffic, like Jasper Avenue and Whyte Avenue, will also have their speed limits lowered to 40 kilometres an hour, council decided Wednesday.

“Lowering speed limits creates safe, livable streets for everyone. Reducing speeds makes our streets calmer, quieter and safer for people walking, biking, driving and enjoying their neighbourhood,” Jessica Lamarre, acting director of traffic safety, said in a news release.

She hopes the lower speed limits will also reduce fatalities on the city’s roads.

The Edmonton Police Service also supports the lower speed limits.

“One continuous speed limit will create consistency for motorists and traffic enforcement personnel,” acting investigator Geoff Mittelsteadt said.

The lower speed limits will come into effect mid-2021. That’s because the change requires amending bylaws, a process the city says will take 11 months.

Certain streets will retain their 50 kilometre an hour speed limit, based on their design and use.

Megan DevlinMegan Devlin

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