Lloyd’s Patty Distro opening soon in Edmonton

May 26 2023, 5:02 pm

Lloyd’s Patty Distro, a popular Jamaican patty spot, is opening soon in Edmonton.

Lloyd’s is a Calgary spot (located at 202, 255 28th Street SE) that has been serving up these national treasures for years. There are four different options on the no-frills menu, which makes it simple and easy to order and enjoy.

It’s definitely exciting news for YEG diners.

The Jamaican patties are all made with seasoned fillings inside a flaky and authentic pastry.

Here are the four different kinds of Jamaican patties on the menu:

AB Jamaican Beef Patties

This one uses spiced beef and is a little bit spicy.

AB Jamaican Chicken Patties

Same as the beef option but instead uses Canadian-raised chicken.

AB Jamaican Vegetable Patties

Carrots, peas, and more make the hearty filling inside these vegetarian-friendly pockets of flavour.

Lloyd’s Authentic Jerk Chicken

These are the signature item, with chicken that is fully marinated in jerk seasoning. The jerk process is also very unique, as it takes time, patience, and talent, and Lloyd’s is a great place to try it.

Stay tuned for an official opening date for this highly anticipated (and mouth-watering) new food spot.

Lloyd’s Patty Distro

Address: 10534 111th Street NW, Edmonton


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