Here's how much money you need a month to self-isolate in Edmonton

Mar 31 2020, 10:07 am

Edmonton may not get celebrated like the bigger urban centres in Canada, but it is still home to many young people looking for a financial safe haven.

According to Numbeo, a website that compares the cost of living in cities around the world, the average monthly expenses for a single person’s costs in Edmonton is just over $2,385 a month (rent included).

However, those numbers include a budget for entertainment and dining out, gym memberships, and miscellaneous socializing.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has pretty much frozen everything in citizens’ day-to-day routines, we’ve readjusted the numbers to include only rent, cell phone bills/internet, and groceries.

Especially during a time of the uncertain economy and idle workplaces, here’s an average of how much Calgarians should be spending on the three big essentials during the coronavirus pandemic.

Housing = $1,498 per month

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According to Numbeo, the average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre is currently $1,207.

But that cost doesn’t include hydro or internet.

Numbeo averages the cost of basic utilities for Edmonton at $212,  and since we don’t want to use up all our data while swiping left, adding internet costs an additional $79 on average per month.

So, to recap the math, if you’re a solo dweller in a one bedroom, you can expect to dish out around $1,498.

Phone = $75 per month

live alone


There is a reason we all go wild when mobile providers offer $50 plans with over two or three GB of data. Phone plans are notoriously expensive in Canada, so much than even our Economic Development Minister thinks it’s ridiculous.

And it’s all for good reason. According to the 2015 CRTC-commissioned Wall Report, an unlimited talk-and-text cellphone plan with 5 GB of data costs an average of $107.50 in Canada. But since we’re talking minimum costs, a 2 GB is around $75 a month.

But that doesn’t include overages fees…

Groceries and household items = $214 per month



Stats Canada shows that the average Canadian spends about $214 per month on food — though that’s not including money spent on takeout.

That does include the basics: milk, bread, eggs, chicken, beef, apples, bananas, lettuce, and rice.

We’ll hold off on panic-buying too much toilet paper — for now.

The Grand Total

On average, Edmontonians’ monthly bills are as follows:

Housing and internet: $1,498
Phone: $75
Groceries/Household Items: $214

Total: $1,787 per month

Transportation, entertainment, socializing, and extras*

According to Numbeo, transportation, entertainment, socializing, and extra costs add up to $672 a month, which haven’t been added to the quarantine budget.*

Those usual costs include monthly transit passes at $97 per month, $270 for entertainment and dining out, $100 for partying/socializing, a $30 monthly coffee budget, $75 for health and fitness, and $100 for miscellaneous costs.

For reference, average Edmontonians were spending $2,385 (rent included) a month pre-quarantine, according to Numbeo.

Edmontonians who are out of work as a result of the coronavirus can apply for Alberta’s emergency self-isolation support by checking out their website.

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