Flurries in the forecast for most of the week in Edmonton

Dec 10 2019, 12:46 pm

It’s going to be a snowy couple of days in Edmonton this week, with temperatures well below zero expected all week long.

According to Environment Canada, snow is in the forecast from Tuesday through to Thursday this week, with the windchill making things feel quite chilly.

On Tuesday, periods of snow are expected to begin in the afternoon, with 2 to 4 cm of snow expected, and winds of 20 km/h late in the afternoon.

The daily high is pegged at -7°C with the windchill likely making it feel more like -20°C in the afternoon on Tuesday.

flurries forecast

Environment Canada

The rest of the week won’t be much better, with 2 cm of snow expected on Wednesday, and a high of -14°C for the next two days.

Things will likely clear up in time for the weekend, with “warmer” temperatures and a weekend high of -5°C.

Although it’s hard to remember a time where temperatures were ever above 0°C, the silver lining is that we will be getting a visit from Mr. Sun this weekend.

It’s the little victories.