Everything to expect from Dine Under the Stars' four-course dinner series

Mar 10 2020, 8:37 pm

Think of the chance to enjoy an amazing meal with a gorgeous panoramic view of our city skyline against the starry night sky in April. It can seem a daunting prospect with our ever-unpredictable spring season.

Will it be -11°C? Will it be rainy? Or worse yet, snowy? With Dine Under the Stars, these possible “setbacks” may just make your night even more picturesque.

Starting on April 15, you and your friends have the opportunity to book your own private geodesic dome to take in the wonder and beauty of the River Valley over an incredible four-course meal.

Table setting/Dine Under the Stars

If a little rain or snow happens, it may just enhance the already gorgeous pictures you’ll have the opportunity to take — all while enjoying a first-rate meal from acclaimed Chef Serge Belair.

The chef will be working improvisationally and inspirationally to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience you won’t soon forget. Think first-class dining and champagne sipping in your own private Muttart Conservatory, but with a clearer view of the city.


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Chef Belair is the nationally-renowned executive chef of the Edmonton Convention Center, and Dine Under the Stars has given him full creative control to curate this exquisite menu. All you and your friends have to do is choose whether you want a meat- (gluten-free), seafood-, or vegan-based meal.

Whichever you choose, it’ll pair nicely with the Moët & Chandon cocktail lounge, which is open and available to all guests from 4:30 pm to close. These cocktails are perfect to enjoy not just during your meal, but as a tasty aperitif before you head into your private dining chamber. And who could turn down a nightcap (or three) to finish off the night once you’ve eaten to your heart’s content?

Four-course meal/Dine Under the Stars

While Dine Under the Stars is bringing its deliciousness all over Europe and the US, Edmonton is one of only six Canadian cities that will be hosting this exclusive event. Spaces are limited, so be sure to round up some friends and book as soon as possible!

Each booking requires a minimum of four and a maximum of six guests, so this event is perfect for either an elegant night out for you and five other friends, or a romantic double date.

Reservations are open now for any date between April 15 and May 15, and with seatings at 5, 7, or 9 pm, you have the option to enjoy your meal while watching the gorgeous sunset, or completely wrapped in the stars while enjoying the bright city lights. We think both options will be just as scenic (and Instagrammable).

Wine pairings/Dine Under the Stars

There’s no better way to reset for spring than enjoying great food with close friends while taking in the breathtaking views of the changing seasons. Dine Under The Stars provides just that experience with a perfect combination of mouth-watering dishes, delicious drinks, and a great view of our downtown cityscape.

Just think, when will ever you get the chance to take in the gorgeous River Valley from a private dining space, set atop one of the city’s most impressive rooftop patios?

Dine Under the Stars

When: April 15 to May 15
Where: The Terrace, Edmonton Convention Centre — 9797 Jasper Avenue
Price: $110 per dome (only $55 with promo code YEG50), plus $92 per guest, which includes an 18% gratuity (4-6 guests per dome)
Tickets: — Available via Dine Under the Stars

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