Crack in LRT track near Southgate Centre caused by cold temperatures

Jan 14 2020, 10:25 pm

Extremely cold temperatures in Edmonton caused a minor crack in an LRT track near Southgate Centre, according to the city.

The “minor crack in the rail is at the intersection at 51 Ave & 111 Street, caused by extremely cold temperatures,” said a City of Edmonton spokesperson in a statement.

ETS staff will continue to manually operate the LRT crossing gates at four intersections along 111 Street near Southgate Mall until 8 pm this evening.

“LRT service will continue to operate with minimal delays today, however, there will be an LRT speed restriction in the area,” said the spokeperson.

Starting at 8 pm, the intersection at 51 Avenue and 111 Street, eastbound will be closed for repairs.

While there may be delays in the area for motorists, minimal delays are expected to LRT service during repairs.

“We expect the repair to be finished during the night, and LRT service to resume normal operation for tomorrow morning’s commute,” said the city spokesperson in a statement.

“Thank you to the hard-working crews who will be making the repair during extremely cold weather overnight.”

The city, and much of the province, is currently under an extreme cold warning, and is expected to experience windchill close to -50°C.

Rumneek JohalRumneek Johal

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