City responds to personal protective equipment littered outside businesses

Apr 7 2020, 4:28 pm

As a result of an increase in personal protective equipment (PPE) improperly disposed of outside essential businesses, the City of Edmonton is providing clean-up kits to grocery stores and pharmacies.

“We’ve heard from citizens in recent weeks about increased litter such as gloves and face masks outside essential businesses like grocery stores and pharmacies,” said Tanya Laughren, Community Relations Advisor, Capital City Clean Up, in a release.

“We encourage everyone to put any litter in the appropriate bins, but these kits will help businesses respond to new challenges. We’re all in this together.”

The kits include a litter grabber, gloves, garbage bags, and other resources to help business owners.

“Businesses are encouraged to place garbage bins outside store exits and in parking lots to help limit litter in these areas,” says a release from the city. “As PPE is not recyclable, Edmontonians can do their part by putting any gloves and masks in the garbage bins provided.”