Edmonton developer talks building communities that inspire healthy living

Mar 1 2021, 6:12 pm

Healthy living is more important than ever right now.

So, if you’re in the market for a new home, chances are finding a living space and community that will foster health and happiness is on your radar.

Settling into a community that inspires a healthy lifestyle is all anyone can hope for in pursuit of their first home. People want to explore their local neighbourhoods. They want to wave to their neighbours and feel inspired by the new and familiar things around them.

Edmonton’s Brookfield Residential is a developer that’s been building communities like this for over 60 years. They’ve been developing communities to have a positive impact on residents by providing every opportunity to stay active, create meaningful social connections, have access to healthy groceries, and gain a sense of pride in their community.

“Where you live has a direct impact on your life, more than people realize,” Mike Kohl, a Brookfield Residential Representative and Vice President, told Daily Hive.

Brookfield Residential stays committed to research, creative planning, and thoughtful design, ultimately fostering communities with a strong sense of belonging. 

“Before the shovel hits the ground in a new community, we work tirelessly with our team of planners, engineers, and architects to consider all factors that contribute to the quality of life for our residents — it’s our passion and what we enjoy waking up each day to do,” said Kohl.

“It could be an off-leash dog park in Paisley, our Farmers Market in The Orchards, access to ravine trails in Edgemont or our activity-packed Social House in Chappelle Gardens; there’s something special in every Brookfield Residential community.”

Residents from four of the communities — Chappelle Gardens, Edgemont, Paisley, and The Orchards —  told us what they love most about living in a healthy community. 

Active living

“Welcoming, full of energy, positivity, motivated to create community.” – Lauren B. (Edgemont)

Open space is essential to a healthy body and mind. With Albertans spending more time at home, the ability to access a nearby space for outdoor activity is more important than ever. 

Brookfield Residential has ensured a variety of ways to enjoy the open space connected throughout their communities, making it easy to safely stay active and take in some fresh air.

Residents can follow the connecting pathways throughout their neighbourhood, whether it’s to bike to the store, walk their kids to school, or head out for an evening stroll. 

Residents Associations

Although how we socialize has changed temporarily, it’s still an entirely necessary ingredient to a healthy lifestyle. Physical distancing hangouts, forming new friendships, and coming together when it’s safe to do so is greatly encouraged in Brookfield Residential communities.

“Our goal is to create a sense of community through our Residents Associations and offer a broad range of amenities for everyone, of all ages and abilities, to enjoy,” said Kohl.

The Social House in Chappelle Gardens, and The Club House in The Orchards are run by dedicated staff, often residents within the community themselves, who maintain these facilities and act as a concierge and connector of people. They look for every chance to make residents happier and healthier by providing opportunities to stay connected and socialize with the surrounding community.

Energized shared spaces

“It is very bright and uplifting, seeing people always out walking with their families and dogs is amazing.” – Larysa R. (Paisley)

Shared spaces, like playgrounds, ponds, and walking paths, are vital to promoting a friendly and stimulating environment for residents. Bustling with nature, there’s tons of space to be active, unwind, or catch up with your neighbours.

A Residents Association plans social events in its community with accessible public gathering spaces. Loneliness, like smoking or obesity, is an extreme health risk, and these communities create unique opportunities for people to meet and friendships to spark.

Access to healthy foods

“I love this community. Everyone is so friendly, and I love how now that it’s so developed, I can walk to get everything I need.” – Darlene Y. (Chappelle Gardens)

Access to healthy food and green space are other key components of creating a community that’s beneficial to the mental and physical health of its residents. A centralized space for farmers’ markets means there’s always somewhere to stock up on local produce or grab ingredients for a homemade meal.

Urban agriculture, like the community gardens, is a key feature that allows residents to see and experience growing food, making them more likely to introduce healthy foods into their diets. Not to mention, it creates a lush environment in which people can renew their connection to nature.

All ages and abilities

“The school is being built across the street from us, which will be perfect for when my son goes to grade 1!” – Darlene Y. (Chappelle Gardens)

Every single person, no matter what stage in life they’re at or what physical abilities they have, should have access to healthy living. Brookfield Residential communities are designed for every resident to feel safe and welcomed. 

The recreational areas are for all to enjoy, whether it’s for yoga sessions, art classes, book clubs, kids’ sportball games, or skating at the local rink.

Unique character and public art

Living in a beautiful area is fostered by residents who take a shared pride in their community. Public art and unique landscaping help create community identity and meet a strict set of guidelines to maintain a special aesthetic.

Not only do these guidelines enhance the quality of life for residents, but they protect the resale value of homes, too. 

Preserve significant environmental features

Connecting with others is made possible in Brookfield Residential communities, but the developer knows it’s just as important to connect with nature with sustainability as a focus. Between the flowing pathways and streamlined building design, they preserve existing environmental features.

“Our master-planned communities are designed with stormwater ponds, which not only add beauty and a place to reflect, but also help remove run-off pollutants from the water before they enter our streams and rivers,” said Kohl.

The physical well-being, emotional well-being, and spiritual well-being of residents are considered in every Brookfield Residential community.

Brookfield Residential developments are what can happen when all aspects of a community are carefully designed around health, happiness, and overall well-being.

To learn more about Brookfield Residential communities — where a simple moment can be a lifelong connection — visit their website.

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