Best frozen pizzas ranked from worst to best

Feb 3 2023, 9:37 pm

Searching for the best frozen pizzas at your local grocery store?

Nestlé just announced it would be winding down its frozen meals and pizza products in Canada over the next six months before stopping entirely.

It was surprising and sad news, and it means choosing which frozen pizzas to go for will get slightly harder. Delissio frozen pizzas were hugely popular and they will no longer be available in Canada.

So, which ones are the best? Which are the worst? Which ones are the best bang for your buck?

We’ve got you covered.

Here are our picks for the best frozen pizzas, ranked from worst to best:

7. President’s Choice

best frozen pizzas


President’s Choice pizza is… bad.

There are a few different options, including the “Loads of…” and the “thin and crispy.” Depending on what style you prefer, both end up being a little disappointing. Thin pizza is hard to get right on a frozen pizza in a regular oven, but with boring flavours like spinach or mozzarella, we can’t recommend it.

6. Ristorante



Made by Dr. Oetker, these pizzas are available in more than 10 different flavours and mostly thin crusts. Much like the PC choices, the flavours are boring but at least the taste is a bit better.

5. Delissio



Hard to talk about since it’s leaving the country, but we felt the list would be incomplete without it. Delissio is not a great choice, but it’s an incredible bang for your buck. The crust is fairly cardboard-y but the sauce is actually pretty tasty. Plus, there are fun options like croissant crust, stuffed crust, pan-style, and more.

4. Casa Di Mama

best frozen pizzas


Homemade pizza… just like Mama used to make! Another Dr. Oetker product, Casa Di Mama is a really good thin-crust frozen option and gets fairly close to classic pizzeria style, especially for the price. With flavours that are more interesting than competitors, like Classic Canadian or the 4-Cheese (mozzarella, edam, emmental, and blue cheese).

3. Giuseppe

best frozen pizzas


These are the best frozen pizzas you can find in almost any store with a frozen section.

Made with real, high-quality ingredients, flavours for this popular product include classics like pepperoni and Hawaiian, and also creative ones like beef taco or pesto chicken and brie.

2. Pizza Oggi

Pizza Oggio


If there’s a better frozen pizza with more options and amazing veggie recipes, we haven’t found it yet.

Before being boxed up and placed in the freezer, each pizza is hand-stretched and stone-baked with premium toppings like quality cheeses, fire-roasted vegetables, and plant-based pepperoni and chicken. There are also options for cauliflower crusts and more, whatever you’re after, just know these taste fantastic.

1. Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.

best frozen pizzas


You might know the Rocky Mountain Flatbread restaurant if you’ve had the award-winning pizza at either of its Vancouver or Canmore locations. Lucky for people looking for the best frozen pizzas, this pizza place also has some of its pies, like artisan-style four cheese classic, available at home. Just pop it right into the oven.

These come with a higher price tag than most frozen pizzas, but it’s worth it for true fans, and that’s why it takes the top spot on the list.

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