It's gonna be May: Alberta one of the few places in Canada with seasonal temperatures next month

Apr 22 2022, 11:13 pm

If you’re hoping for warm weather in Alberta this May, you might just be in luck, as it’s one of the few places in Canada forecast to have near-seasonal temperatures next month.

Shocking, we know.

April saw sunshine, rain, snow, and a variety of temperatures in Alberta, which isn’t unusual for this time of year but can be irritating all the same.

The Weather Network has released its May forecast, predicting that the two areas in Canada with the best chance of seeing near-seasonal temperatures during the first few weeks of May will be Atlantic Canada and possibly Alberta.

“Downsloping winds off the Rockies should allow for some warmer days to help offset the colder ones,” said The Weather Network.

The rest of Southern Canada is going to be treated to colder-than-seasonal temperatures, so unless you’re in Alberta, you’re going to want to keep that jacket handy.

“A strong blocking pattern is building once again for the end of April,” adds The Weather Network, “and there are no signs of that pattern breaking down during the first half of May.”

That said, if you’re located in other parts of the country, it won’t be all bad if you’re not a fan of colder weather.

“While I have no doubt that this forecast is very disappointing for most people, keep in mind that ‘seasonal’ is rising by roughly two degrees per week across much of Canada, so ‘cool’ weather during early May will still be warmer than what we saw during the first half of spring,” said The Weather Network Meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham in a statement.

“Also, temperatures won’t be chilly every day.”

Plus, the 14-day trend shows temperatures rising by a few degrees into the early part of May, so it’ll be a little warmer than April, Gillham pointed out.

Gillham also added, “consistently inconsistent — that is the nature of spring across Canada.”

colder than seasonal vancouver

The Weather Network

Meanwhile, the seven-day forecast in Alberta — which is usually more accurate than the 14-day trend — suggests that Calgary will see highs between 3ºC and 17ºC, and 6ºC and 15ºC in Edmonton, to finish off what has so far been a memorable April when it comes to the weather.

If you’re looking to plan that May long weekend camping trip in Alberta, this might be the year to do it!

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