Pump off: Alberta gas prices are set to rise soon

Jun 8 2023, 9:03 pm

Today might be a good day to fill up the tank if you’re a driver in Alberta because a gas price analysis service forecasts prices may soon be on the rise.

Gas Wizard predicts prices in Calgary will rise by approximately three cents per litre to $1.459 and four cents per litre to $1.429 in Edmonton on June 9.

Remember last summer when we were celebrating the price of gas dropping to $1.71 and $1.75 in both cities? Dark times.

The price of premium fuel is also forecast to rise by three cents in Calgary and four cents in Edmonton, with no change in price for diesel in either city.

Alberta has some of the lowest gas prices in Canada, with the highest prices tomorrow being found in Vancouver at $2.049 and Victoria at $2.019. It could be worse, we guess?

So text your friends and call your parents to warn them to try and fill up before prices are set to rise tomorrow. We have to save as much coin as we can before the summer holidays!

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