These Canadian cities are among the most appealing places in the world

May 18 2023, 1:00 pm

Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal have been named among the best cities in the world for their global familiarity.

The rankings come from a new survey by Brand Finance, a UK-based consultancy firm, asking 15,000 people their perceptions of the world’s top 100 cities.

Number 1 on the list went to London, followed by New York and Paris.

They finished highest for having qualities that draw people to want to move, visit, or invest in those cities.

Toronto placed 12th, and Vancouver finished in a respectable 25th spot. Montreal rounded out the Canadian nods at 39th.

“High familiarity means a deeper understanding of its qualities and a broader reach of its appeal, allowing the city to draw significant economic benefits from inbound migration, investment, and tourism,” the survey explained.

London’s familiarity was off the charts, apparently, thanks to being a hub for academics, museums, art, and music.

London, Paris, New York, rankings

Brand Finance

Toronto’s ranking for education is nothing to sneeze at, however, and it finished seventh overall in that thanks to the reputations of the University of Toronto, York University, and Toronto Metropolitan University.

Vancouver, of course, was given extra points for its prettiness.

Dubbed “the scenic city that leaves people pining for more,” the study says it’s an attractive destination for families and individuals alike for its liveability.

It also ranked in the top 20 for being “open and welcoming” and for being perceived to be inclusive of people from different backgrounds.

Montreal was mentioned for its gaming, aerospace, and tech opportunities and for being a great spot to retire.

“Known for its dynamic and versatile job market, Montréal boasts a major strength in its
ability to accommodate local and remote workers. It ranks 18th and 20th for its appeal to these respective groups, underscoring its reputation as a hub for career opportunities,” Brand Finance wrote.

What do you think of these rankings? Do you think Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Victoria should have made the list?

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