These are the weirdest things Canadians have left behind in an Uber (VIDEO)

Apr 27 2023, 9:00 am

You have probably forgotten something in a Uber before. Maybe you put your wallet down on the seat and by the time you realize you left it behind, the car has already sped off to its next trip.

It’s a pretty common mistake. But have you ever left an entire ping-pong table behind?

One forgetful passenger in Toronto did.

Uber has released its sixth annual Lost and Found Index, giving us all the gossip on the most bizarre belongings left behind in Ubers across Canada.

According to the Index, the most commonly forgotten items are articles of clothing, bags, mobiles and headphones.

It also revealed which cities have the most careless travellers. Montreal was named the most forgetful city in Canada, followed by Hamilton and Vancouver.

Interestingly, the most forgetful day and time in Canada was Sundays at 6 pm, while the most forgetful day in the last 12 months was January 1. Probably a result of late-night Ubers after New Year’s Eve!

Some of the wildest discoveries include a mattress cover in Saskatoon, a purple leopard-print high heel in Kitchener-Waterloo, and a Star Wars Yoda blanket in Hamilton.

Another forgetful passenger, this time in Montreal, left a picture of 2Pac. We sure hope they got it back.

Someone in Winnipeg, and we have no idea quite how they managed it, forgot a stove in an Uber.

There were also some pretty gross lost belongings in the last year, including a set of teeth and a pack of frozen burgers. Our hearts go out to the drivers that found those in the back of their cars!

According to Uber, if you leave an item behind, the best method to retrieve it is by calling the driver directly.

If you left your phone in the car, you can log into your account on a computer.

There is a $20 fee to get your items returned, but this goes entirely to the driver as compensation for the inconvenience of returning the item.

You can find more information on Uber’s website.

In the future, if you do happen to forget something in an Uber, don’t panic – there’s a good chance you’ll get it back, and you could end up on next year’s Lost & Found Index.

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