Canadian real estate compared to literal European castles on TikTok (VIDEOS)

Apr 19 2023, 3:07 pm

Canadians love to bemoan the sky-high price of real estate, but one content creator is really rubbing it in. TikToker @millennialmoron compares Canadian real estate with literal castles for sale in Europe.

We can’t all be heirs to the Royal Palace of Genovia like Mia Thermopolis. But still, for the same price as a run-down bungalow in Toronto, you could be living your fairytale fantasy in Europe.

In part five of his TikTok series, @millennialmoron compares 14 Grange Avenue in Toronto to Auchencairn Castle in Scotland.

14 Grange Avenue, Toronto 

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This bungalow in Toronto’s Chinatown is covered in graffiti, which @millennialmoron jokingly refers to as “fun murals.” With its broken fencing and boarded windows, this property will set you back a hefty $2.85 million.

“That’s fair; that’s a good price for a building which is suitable for human occupation,” said the TikToker sarcastically. 

Auchencairn Castle, Scotland 

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Also priced at $2.85 million is the stunning Auchencairn Castle in Scotland. This property has 40 rooms, including 20 bedrooms and a home cinema. It is situated on five acres of land and has its own private beach.

To add insult to injury, the castle has a high-speed 900MB broadband internet. “If you are not Canadian, it is really hard to explain why this detail is so infuriating but trust me, I am unreasonably angry about it,” said @millennialmoron. 

@millennialmoron Yes it has internet stop asking #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo #canadianrealestate #torontorealestate #housingbubble ♬ original sound – MillennialMoron

The viral video has thousands of comments, many from Canadians rethinking their entire lives, like @meoka2368, who replied, “New plan. Sell my house. Grab some friends. Buy a castle.”

Another user, @lorettalouvros, said, “Castle 1,000% of the time. That’s the dream …. I’m over living in Canada.”

In another comparison video, @millennialmoron compared a two-bedroom condo in Ottawa to a chateau in Belgium, both for sale for $5.8 million.

@millennialmoron Canadian Real Estate vs. Literal European Casltes, Part 3 #canadianrealestate #ottawarealestate #housingbubble #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound – MillennialMoron

What would you choose, the house in Canada or the castle in Europe? Let us know in the comments.

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