Breakdancing SZA fan booted from Canadian concert without explanation (VIDEO)

Mar 21 2023, 5:41 pm

A young music fan who was hyped for their first-ever concert had a less-than-stellar experience after being nabbed by security.

SZA performed in Vancouver at Rogers Arena on Sunday, March 19. At the show, before any performers took the stage, fans were getting hyped for the concert by dancing, but one fan was escorted out of the arena by security.

TikTok users shared clips of the dancing and subsequently getting the boot.


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The stadium’s reaction to the incident was strong, as the crowd audibly booed while security was escorting the fan out of the area. In the comments section of the videos, users chimed in to support the dancing fan, saying that the dancing brought the whole stadium together and that security’s response was aggressive.

TikTok user @user3672372005, “Naden,” who claims to be the 18-year-old in the video that got kicked out, uploaded an explainer video to the social media platform.


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According to Naden, people were just getting to their seats in the stadium and there was no performer on stage when they decided to show off some moves.

Then, security kicked them out but didn’t provide a clear reason why. So, they went back inside to their seats, thinking that since they weren’t given a reason why they were being kicked out, they deserved to be there.

Security found them and kicked them out again, at which point they still didn’t get a clear response why they were being ejected.

So, they reentered the arena for a third time and watched the rest of the concert from another location. The whole experience left a bad taste in Naden’s mouth and he says he still doesn’t have answers for why he was kicked out by security.

“Just dragged, and dropped outside,” said Naden.

“You bet your money that we went back into that concert because it’s SZA, are you kidding me?”

As for Rogers Arena, they provided a statement saying that the safety of fans is their top priority.

“During all of our events, it is essential that we keep our aisles clear in order for fans to move seamlessly and especially for our hosts to help support anyone who needs assistance in a timely manner,” they said.

“Unfortunately, when fans do not comply after being asked multiple times, they are asked to leave the building.”

Since going viral, the incident has drawn criticism from the community on how it was handled. DJ Flipout criticized the security team for how they handled the incident.

Daily Hive reached out to Naden and Rogers Arena for more and will update this story.

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