"Igloo-mobile": TikTok video captures someone driving snow-covered car in Canada (VIDEO)

Jan 16 2023, 9:36 pm

Cleaning the snow off of your car is annoying. And sometimes you don’t get all of it before getting behind the wheel. It’s fine, we’ve all been there.

One Montreal driver, though, has taken snow removal laziness to a whole new level by hitting the road in what can only be described as a winter wonderland on wheels.

TikTok user Ian Lavallee recently shared a video of someone driving what appears to be a Tesla SUV on a Montreal street following last week’s major snowstorm. The shocking footage was appropriately paired with the Knight Rider theme song.

@ianlavalleee♬ Knight Rider (Main Theme) – TV Sounds Unlimited

Rather than taking the time to wipe the windshield, the driver in the video, which has now garnered nearly half a million views, has instead opted for zero visibility. “I have no words!” Lavallee wrote in the video’s caption.

Meanwhile, people had a field day in the comments. “And I thought my husband was bad,” wrote one user. “It’s all good. They’re using Waze,” another chimed in.

Many speculate that the driver did not bother cleaning the vehicle since it may be a self-driving car. For safety’s sake, let’s hope it is.

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