"She thought I had won $275": Lottery winner's wife didn't notice the extra numbers

Jun 8 2023, 12:00 pm

A lottery player is getting ready to plan several vacations after a big win.

Kurt Hillebrand is a husband, father, and business owner from Ottawa. An occasional lottery player who opts for Lotto 6/49 and Lotto Max, Hillebrand said he doesn’t really go to the store to validate his tickets until he’s collected a couple of them.

“I love seeing the large jackpot numbers,” he said.

One day, while sitting at his kitchen table to check his tickets, he scanned one that made him pause.

“I was befuddled,” said Hillebrand. “It’s like getting hit by lightning!”

He had won the second prize in the March 11, 2023, Lotto 6/49 draw. His prize: $257,082.

Kurt Hillebrand/OLG

Hillebrand was excited to share the news with his wife who was probably a little confused about his win.

“She thought I had won $275,” he said. But when she realized that her husband had actually won a six-figure prize, he said, “She’s still waiting on her turn to win.”

While picking up his cheque, Hillebrand said he’ll be using his windfall to support his family and do some renovations. He also plans to take a few vacations.

“We feel blessed and fortunate,” he said. “I’ll appreciate the financial security that comes with this win. It’s like buying a dream.”

The winning ticket was purchased at Loblaws on Greenbank Road in Nepean, Ontario.

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