A raccoon was spotted casually browsing a Canadian supermarket

Apr 21 2023, 5:30 pm

A trip to the local supermarket for essentials took an adorable turn this week when shoppers perusing a Loblaws location in Toronto noticed a raccoon casually browsing the aisles with them.

Alex Chow was shopping at the Loblaws location at 650 Dupont in Toronto on Thursday, April 20, when he noticed the cute, little, striped bandit, quickly pulling out his phone to record the wildlife incursion.

The critter could be seen weaving through the supermarket checkout aisles as puzzled onlookers recorded. One voice can be heard in the background asking, “What is he doing here?”

“Doesn’t get any more Toronto than this,” said Chow.

One comment jokes, “He is probably thinking the same as all of us — why do they keep changing the aisle where the biscuits are?”

Raccoons are just part of life in Toronto and this is far from the first instance of a masked furry intruder finding its way into homes or businesses in the city.

Take, for example, a raccoon that was spotted just hanging out in someone’s home eating breakfast, or another case where one of the creatures was recorded rummaging through the cupboards of a Toronto home.

Raccoons have invaded businesses like a Toronto Best Buy location, a barber shop, and even a vinyl record store to similar fanfare as delighted humans record the animals acting like they own the place.

And when they aren’t breaking into your home or spreading your trash all over the street, the crafty little devils have been known to steal food deliveries right off doorsteps, in perhaps the cutest form of porch piracy in existence.

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