Politico Magazine slammed for calling Meghan Markle a narcissist

Dec 27 2022, 8:03 pm

Popular news and politics publication Politico is taking heat on social media after publishing an article that characterizes Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle as a narcissist.

The opinion piece by Joanna Weiss is titled “2022 Is the Year We All Finally Got Tired of Narcissists,” and features an image of several celebrities she mentions as having narcissistic tendencies — Markle, Donald Trump, and Elon Musk among them.

“All of them used attention as currency and ego as fuel, and were rewarded, for a time, with what they craved,” Weiss writes. “All of us have some degree of self-love, which probably explains our behavior on Facebook and Instagram. But the… ‘grandiose narcissists’… stand apart.”

She points to the manicured nature of Netflix’s new Harry & MeghanĀ documentary series on Netflix, where she writes the couple appears to have cashed in on their dramatic exit from the royal family.

“The legitimate complaints are wedged between glamour shots, from footage of Meghan getting fitted for ballgowns to a vast collection of flattering photos and videos they took during their royal exit, apparently preparing for a photogenic tell-all,” Weiss writes. “Even sympathetic critics have groused that thereā€™s little new here, beyond the vanity.”

Although the ex-royal couple’s lust for the spotlight may be relatively benign, other famous narcissists can have more serious consequences for society, Weiss argues. She points to Ye’s recent anti-semitism; Sam Bankman-Fried, who’s been indicted for fraud and money laundering; and Elon Musks’ cacophonous destruction of Twitter.

Weiss’ piece is far from the first to criticize Markle’s royal exit as a bid for attention, but it’s in the crosshairs of Markle’s supporters.

“Placing Meghan Markle at the center of criminals and antisemites is not an accident. The hate for Meghan is palpable. A woman of color protecting her family and defending herself isn’t narcissism; it’s survival,” Christopher Bouzy tweeted, before calling on the magazine to apologize.

“Putting someone like Meghan Markle in the group called ‘narcissist’ with the likes of Donald Trump and Elon Musk is not just deeply disrespectful. It shows just how deeply antiblack and misogynist people really are,” author Dante Stewart said.

“A Black woman standing up for herself? Out of everyone, you go after her?” Nick Laparra tweeted. “Delete this bullshit. Do better.”

“There is literally no planet where Meghan Markle belongs with this group of people,” author and CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers tweeted. “The unhinged hatred directed at her really does kind of prove her point doesn’t it.”

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