"The spas have spas": Opinions split on mega mansion with bowling alley (PHOTOS)

Apr 14 2023, 1:00 pm

A recently relisted mega mansion with its own bowling alley has led to some divisive opinions on social media.

The mansion in question is located in Kings Point, New York, and the property itself is known as “Kings Landing,” which is definitely fitting, as the home looks like it was built for a king, a king with a peculiar taste.

Many amenities add value to the flashy home, including its own bowling alley, tennis court, spas, indoor sports court, salon, ballrooms, a glass elevator, and somehow, there’s more.

mega mansion bowling alley

Ryan Serhant

Ryan Serhant and Rachel King listed the home for a whopping $45,000,000 — you would have to add an extra 0 for a home like this in Vancouver or Toronto.

The massive home features 18 bedrooms and 28 — yes, 28 — bathrooms.

Other amenities include an arcade, wine cellars, buildings for staffing, a 200 ft dock, and hydraulic car lifts.

Zillow Gone Wild shared a post about the listing on Twitter, and opinions are pretty split.

Certain aspects of the home seem pretty standard, but other parts of it look, to quote one of the responses on Twitter, “like you took LSD without actually taking LSD.”

These seashell seats are a prime example of that apt psychedelic reference.

mega mansion bowling alley

Ryan Serhant | @ZillowGoneWild/Twitter

Zillow Gone Wild calls the home a “classic” because it has been on and off the market several times.

“There are so many spas that the spas have spas,” Zillow Gone Wild tweeted.

mega mansion

Ryan Serhant | @ZillowGoneWild/Twitter

Then there’s the bowling alley. Again, for $45 million, you’d think you’d get more than two lanes, but nope.

mega mansion bowling alley

Ryan Serhant | @ZillowGoneWild/Twitter

There’s also a swimming pool which looks like something you’d find at a fancy resort in Las Vegas. But, of course, there’s also an indoor pool.

mega mansion bowling alley

Ryan Serhant | @ZillowGoneWild/Twitter

The kitchen and living areas are just as groovy as the rest of the property.

Ryan Serhant | @ZillowGoneWild/Twitter

Many have pointed out that for $45 million, the home is missing some obvious features.

“[Forty-five million] and I can’t even watch tv in bed,” responded one user.

Another person said something that most of us are probably feeling, “A little out of my price range, unfortunately.”

“The mega-rich always seem to have the most atrocious taste,” said another Tweeter.

“It’s hideous. Like living in a diseased spleen,” was one Twitter user’s morbid take.

Another tweet suggested that the decor was too much, saying, “My eyes are bleeding rn.”

Zillow Gone Wild states that the home was built in 1928 and that what you see now is an expansion of the original property.

You have $45 million to spare. Does this mega mansion with a bowling alley qualify as a worthy purchase?

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