"I'm not going to pay to go to a meeting": Serial job quitter sparks debate (VIDEO)

May 18 2023, 5:31 pm

Therapist and TikTok lifestyle guru Auntie Kenzie has encouraged followers to quit their job if their employers refuse to respect their boundaries.

In a viral video, Kenzie said, “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but f**k that job.”

“I myself am like a professional job quitter because I’ll dip,” she added.

Kenzie says she quit her most recent job after they refused to offer her a Zoom-inclusive option for a work meeting.

She has chosen not to disclose the name of her previous employer. 

The employer had scheduled a meeting that Kenzie thought was unreasonable for her to be expected to attend in person. 

Kenzie highlighted that the company was aware that she was only available between 9 am and 5 pm.

“I have kids; I’m a single mother. I have to get them to school,” she explained.

“The meeting’s an hour away, which will cost me $20 in gas. I will be able to make, after taking my kids to school, about 30 minutes of that meeting, meaning I will get paid $8,” she told followers.

Kenzie refused to go, stating, “I’m not going to pay to go to a meeting.”

When she asked her employer for a Zoom-inclusive option, they said no.

Kenzie replied, “Cool, here’s my resignation.”

Then she encouraged viewers on TikTok to stick up for themselves too in the face of “hustle culture.”

“They don’t give a f**k about you; they give a f**k about profits,” she said.

@kenzianburnout Tell them Aunt Kenzie gave you the day off. #leftist #leftisttok #capitalism #lgbtq🏳️‍🌈 #mentalhealth #depressiontok #advocate #antiwork #antiworktiktok ♬ original sound – auntie kenz

Auntie Kenzie’s views sparked debate on the platform about boundaries and work ethic in the post-pandemic workplace.

Some viewers congratulated Kenzie for quitting and thanked her for encouraging them to take a stand against disrespectful employers.

“I needed this today, thank you,” one user commented. 

“I didn’t know I needed an Aunt Kenzie until now,” another user said. 

Others were critical, arguing that resigning over a single inconvenient meeting exemplified a lazy work ethic among individuals of her generation.

“Complete lazy snowflake,” one commenter said. 

“I believe in working hard and back and forth for your spot. I’m glad to earn my respect, not expect it just because,” added another. 

One commenter said, “My dad told me when I walked out of my barista gig, ‘Sometimes you just have to put up with stuff.'” 

To which Kenzie replied, “Boomer dads be saying that because they’re brainwashed by their Great Depression parents. Don’t fall for it.” 

Some commenters argued that while they wished they could quit their jobs like Kenzie, they simply weren’t in the privileged position to do so.

“Most people don’t quit their job because they’re going to be homeless if they do,” one user explained.

“Cool, but this only works if you have a backup. Money saved, another person with money to help out, something,” replied another. 

We want to know what you think. Would you quit your job if your employer did not respect your boundaries? Would you be able to? Let us know in the comments. 

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