Man buys puppy that dies six days later and tries to get a refund

May 16 2023, 7:40 pm

A Canadian man who bought a puppy sought a refund from the seller after it died.

The case went to a BC Civil Resolution Tribunal hearing, with the buyer claiming he was sold a sick puppy.

Arshdeep Grewal claimed a total of $3,429.45, which included a $1,200 refund of the purchase price and $2,229.45 in vet and related expenses.

April Hall, who Grewal purchased the puppy from, says it was in good health when she sold it. However, Hall also said Grewal refused her to permit to speak to the vet and suggested that the puppy died from the Parvo virus, which she says the puppy likely contracted at the vet or somewhere Grewal took it.

The puppy was born on June 13, 2022, and the contract for the sale was dated August 19, 2022. Unfortunately, the puppy died six days later.

According to a tribunal document, the sale came with a 24-month health guarantee for the hips, eyes and elbows.

The tribunal needed to determine whether or not the puppy was indeed sick when it was sold.

Shelley Lopez, BC Civil Resolution Tribunal vice chair, said, “I find the nature of the puppy’s illness, and whether that illness likely existed before the puppy was sold, is a technical matter that requires expert evidence.”

Adding, “And here there is none.”

What made matters worse for Grewal was that he prevented Hall from speaking to the veterinarian to determine what went wrong.

“I find it unproven that Mrs. Hall sold Mr. Grewal a puppy that was sick when he bought it. On the limited evidence before me, the fact that the puppy became sick shortly afterward does not mean Mrs. Hall is liable to pay a refund or pay the veterinary expenses,” Lopez concluded.

In the end, Grewal walked away with nothing as the tribunal dismissed his claims and dispute.

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