Nebraska lottery winner asks for a photo with his $10 cheque

Apr 15 2023, 4:00 pm

Sometimes it’s about celebrating the small wins in life, and that’s precisely what one lottery player had in mind when he discovered that he had won.

One day, Lincoln, Nebraska, resident Torry Nielsen decided to try his luck in the lottery. So he purchased a Wild Cherry Crossword Doubler ticket for US$5 (CND$6.76).

Nebraska Lottery

After playing the scratch-and-win game, he discovered that he had won — his prize: a grand total of US$10 (CND$13.51).

It may not have been a six-figure or even a three-figure win, for that matter, but it was still a win. So, wanting to commemorate the occasion, Nielsen contacted Nebraska Lottery to ask if he could be presented with a big cheque for his winnings.

“We were all like, ‘Oh, heck yea you can,'” stated the organization in a Tweet.

The result is an epic photo of Nielsen with his $10 cheque that had several Twitter users referencing the 2001 Canadian TV show Trailer Park Boys.

Is this @trailerparkboys Ricky’s son? Or did he just steal his shirt?” asked one Twitter user.

Another suggested ways that Nielsen can spend his windfall.

“He can buy a lot of pepperoni and ‘juhlapino’ chips with that,” they wrote.

But the financially savvy winner has no plans to splurge.

Instead, when asked what he wants to do with his $10 winnings, Nielsen said he’ll be “letting it ride.”

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