"My life is going to change": $100K lottery winner spins big wheel, lands on bigger prize (VIDEO)

Mar 28 2023, 8:00 am

Ontario resident Shelly Desbien has been buying lottery tickets since she turned 18.

“I used to watch my grandma play Instant games and couldn’t wait to try them out myself,” said the now-retired Windsor resident.

Desbien went to the store and bought a ticket for The Big Spin Instant game, which she enjoys playing because she loves seeing the wheel spin at the store.

The wheel spun and landed on $100,000 on her lucky day.

In addition to her prize, she also won a chance to win another prize — an opportunity to spin the Big Spin wheel in person at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto.

Desbien thought it was cool that she’d gotten the chance to do so but admitted that she hadn’t thought about how much she could win. So she borrowed her friend’s Jeep (she said she enjoyed driving) and drove to Toronto.

When she arrived, it was a different story.

“I had butterflies in my stomach when I arrived at the Prize Centre to spin the wheel,” recalled Desbien. “I loved seeing the wheel in person.”

When she finally got to spin the wheel, Desbien couldn’t believe it: she had won $500,000.

Watch the moment below:

Overcome with emotion, Desbien burst into tears as her brother comforted her.

“He jumped up and gave me a big hug,” she said. “We were both crying happy tears. I was so grateful to win this prize and have my brother with me.”

She said she never expected to be in this happy situation and couldn’t wait to hug her kids and share the news with her family.

“My life is going to change,” said Desbien.


Shelly Desbien/OLG

When asked what she plans to do now that she’s half a million dollars richer, she said she doesn’t have any immediate plans for it, but she will “have fun figuring it out.”

And she did mention how much she loved driving her friend’s Jeep.

“I loved his Jeep,” she said. “Now I can buy my own. That’s so exciting!”

The winning ticket was purchased at Mobil on Dougall Avenue in Windsor.

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