"It was the biggest win the cashier had ever seen!”: Lottery player collects windfall

May 26 2023, 6:18 pm

Manuel Melo, a retiree from Bolton, Ontario, recently won the jackpot in OLG’s Instant $100,000 Money Match.

“I’ve won a few free tickets and smaller prizes before, but this is a different story,” he told OLG.

The 67-year-old has been playing the lottery for over four decades, but this is his first big win.

Melo revealed he went to a different store than usual when he purchased the winning ticket.

When he discovered he was a winner, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The cashier told him it was the biggest win they had ever seen.

Melo’s wife couldn’t believe the fantastic news either. But once it settled in, Melo says his entire family was overjoyed.

He has very sensible plans for spending his winnings: Melo intends to manage his finances, increase his savings, and put money away for his grandchildren.

The winning lottery ticket was purchased at George’s Convenience on Highway 50 in Bolton, Ontario.

Another Canadian who recently won big in the lottery was Sherry Wickes.

Wickes’ life took an exciting turn when she won a significant lotto prize.

The moment of revelation occurred while the Prince George, BC, resident was grocery shopping at her local superstore.

Wickes decided to check her lottery ticket and was shocked to find she had won a whopping $75,000 in the BC/49 lottery draw held on May 6.

Overwhelmed by the news, her initial reaction was disbelief. “My first thought was, ‘No way,'” she told BCLC.

Rather than blurting out her incredible news to the world straight away, Wickes decided to keep it a secret until she collected her prize.

“I kept the secret all day!” she revealed.

Wickes says she will spend her winnings on a well-deserved trip to sunny Puerto Vallarta in Mexico.

If you won the lottery, how would you spend the windfall? Let us know in the comments.

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