Transportation worker played the same lottery numbers until he won

Sep 11 2023, 3:36 pm

When his neighbours won a jackpot, one Canadian man realized that he should also choose and stick to a set of lottery numbers. Little did he know that those numbers would eventually bring him luck.

“Ever since one of my neighbours won a Lotto 6/49 jackpot, I’ve played the same Lotto 6/49 numbers,” said Charles Collison, who lives in Cambridge, Ontario. The 57-year-old  transportation worker said that he’s been playing the same game since the 1980s.

After playing the lottery one day, he found out he won another chance to play.

“This ticket was a free play that I added Encore to,” recalled Collison.

So he went to the store that he frequents to have his ticket scanned but realized he’d have to do it himself.

“It was busy, so I used the ticket checker,” he said. “I saw the screen and thought, ‘Oh my God,’ and I had to check it again.”

Unsure about what he was seeing, he decided he needed someone else to verify the results.

“I waited for the other customers to leave, and I asked the store clerk to come see for herself,” said Collison.

Charles Collison (OLG)

He was shocked to discover that the numbers he’d been playing had finally brought him luck. He had matched the last six of seven Encore numbers in the exact order in the August 16, 2023, Lotto 6/49 draw, earning himself a $100,000 prize.

“I had to sit in my car for a few minutes afterwards to process everything,” he said.

Collison said the news left him feeling frazzled and overwhelmed.

“I knew my blood pressure was up,” he said with a laugh. “My friends and family have told me I really deserve this win. It meant a lot to hear that.”

While at the OLG Prize Centre to pick up his cheque, he said he’ll be putting the majority of his winnings towards investments for his future. He does plan to treat himself to some new furniture and is looking forward to spoiling his girlfriend.

“My girlfriend will be having a good Christmas,” he said.

Collison bought his winning ticket at Food Mart on Lakeshore Road in Mississauga.

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