National anthem singer changes 'O Canada' lyrics at NBA All-Star game (VIDEO)

Feb 20 2023, 9:13 pm

Those who tuned in to Sunday’s NBA All-Star game may have noticed a brief yet impactful moment during the singing of the Canadian national anthem.

During her pre-game performance Jully Black, a Canadian R&B singer, sang ‘O Canada! Our home on native land,’ rather than the traditional lyrics of ‘and native land’. The singer put a heavy emphasis on the alteration, taking a vocal pause.

Online reactions to the intentional edit made to promote indigenous history soon went viral under the hashtag #OurHomeOnNativeLand.

The bold move seems to have gone over well with the majority of Twitter users.

Some say they would even embrace adopting the change for good.

Black has not said much about the moment, but she did respond to a congratulatory tweet from rapper and Public Enemy member Chuck D. “This is less about me and more about being apart of the change in any way I can,” Black wrote.

Canada’s national anthem was officially altered back in 2018 when the Senate voted to change the end of the lyric “True patriot love in all of thy sons command” to “in all of us command.”

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