Janet Jackson spotted ditching security to sneak out of Canadian hotel

May 24 2023, 5:28 pm

Janet Jackson made a brief (but fun-filled) stop in Toronto this week as part of her massive 38-stop North American tour, Together Again.

In a series of Instagram stories, the American singer detailed her stay in the city, which involved secretly ditching security to go to dinner and a club at one point.

“We’re sneaking Jan out, she’s gonna ride with us to dinner,” Jackson’s makeup artist says as she covertly makes her way through a hotel hallway.

“So, we just snuck Janet out of the hotel, and we’re going to our hotel, so we can go to dinner and then go to a club, and we didn’t tell security,” the makeup artist continues. “So now we’re in the Uber, and we’re going to have a wonderful time… free.”

“Free to be who I am,” Jackson chimes in. “‘Til we need security,” the same makeup artist notes.

Jackson titled the collection of videos “a little shenanigans in Toronto” and continued to post updates — including driving along Adelaide Street West — as she made her way to the next hotel security-free.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the star swiftly moving through the hotel lobby and even managed to catch a wave back from Jackson herself before she hopped on the elevator.

Prior to her performance at Budweiser Stage on Thursday, Jackson also shared a few clips of her waving back at a boat full of fans at the venue.

Jackson’s action-packed stay in Toronto didn’t stop there, as Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel also made a surprise appearance during Ludacris’ opening performance.

Earlier this week, Jackson was spotted spending the evening at Toronto’s new immersive experiential cocktail bar, Prequel & Co. Apothecary by Frankie Solarik, at 1036 Queen Street West.

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