"Do a f***ing matinee!": Oscar nominee Jamie Lee Curtis pushing for early bird concerts

Mar 8 2023, 7:57 pm

Jamie Lee Curtis may be one of the stars of Everything Everywhere All at Once, but when it comes to late-night concerts, the only place she wants to be is in bed.

The Oscar nominee for Best Supporting Actress was on the red carpet at the recent Independent Spirit Awards when she advocated that musicians start a trend of holding early bird concerts.

“I am gonna just say this now as a taunt and as a suggestion: U2, do a matinee. Coldplay, do a matinee,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “What about a 12-noon concert, Coldplay? What about it?”

“Bruce Springsteen, do a f***ing matinee,” she went on to say. “You’re old! Why wouldn’t you let me come see you, Bruce Springsteen, in your glory days – pun intended – and do it at noon or one o’clock? Two o’clock! Two o’clock matinee!”


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The topic of early concerts came up after the Freaky Friday star revealed that she was skipping an Academy Awards nominees’ dinner due to it beginning at 7:30 pm.

“Now, you might say, ‘Jamie, you’re nominated for an Academy Award. You’re going to be in the room with only nominees for the Academy Award,’ and I have declined. Why? Because mommy goes to bed early,” Curtis reasoned. “‘Because 7:30 is going to be 9 [pm] before we get food. And you know what? There’s nothing good happening with me after 9 [pm]. Nothing. Zero.”

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Curtis reiterated her love of live music and early bedtimes during an interview on NBC’s Today Show, as well as proclaiming her love of a seven-time Grammy-winning rock band.


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“I would love to go see Coldplay. I would love it,” Curtis told co-hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb. “The problem is, I’m not going to see Coldplay if they start their show at 9 pm and there’s an opening act.”

“I want to hear Coldplay at 1 pm. And I think if we fill a stadium of people that want to see a matinee of Coldplay, I think we’re gonna start a trend.”

What are your thoughts? Are you, like Curtis, tired of concerts that go into the late hours of the night? Or is it something you enjoy?

Watch Curtis’ full Today Show interview here:


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