Huge octopus clings to ocean catch off Vancouver Island (VIDEO)

Dec 29 2022, 10:02 pm

An encounter with a giant Pacific octopus off Vancouver Island was captured on video this week by a local photographer.

The huge creature hitched a ride to the surface on a net that was being brought up by a boat. The octopus clung to the catch, even after it was brought slightly above the waves.

“You’re kidding, that is so huge,” someone says off-screen.

“That’s a big octopus,” another adds.

“I want to eat it,” says a third through laughter.

Photographer Brooke Sattar uploaded the video to TikTok and said the octopus held on for several moments before swimming back down.

“Coolest sight I’ve ever seen,” she captioned the video.

@brookesirah Today’s catch caught us! The octopus held on for a bit then let go and swam back down. Coolest signt i’ve seen! #pacificoctopus ♬ original sound Рbrookesattar

The video quickly racked up millions of views on TikTok, with commenters joking that the octopus wanted the catch.

“Octopus: finders keepers,” @coral_papa said.

“He’s saving his fish friends,” @smanteexo added.

Giant Pacific octopuses are carnivorous invertebrates found along the coasts of California, BC, Alaska, and Japan. They can live for up to five years and are known for being incredibly smart — able to open jars and solve mazes. They can also change their colour and texture to match their surroundings.

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