"Woke-babe PM": People have a lot of say about this so-called honest ad about Canada (VIDEO)

Sep 6 2023, 6:53 pm

An Australian media company that prides itself on creating “honest ad” videos about world governments has finally given Canada the dubious honour of being featured as one of its latest parodies.

Clocking in at nearly five minutes, the video doesn’t hold back, kicking off with, “Visit Canada. Land of beauty and home to countless vanishing wonders.”

Touching on climate change, politics, Bill C-18, Indigenous reconciliation and more, people had much to say about what theJuiceMedia thinks about Canada with its satire video.

The initial tweet from the Australian media company has been viewed over half a million times, with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

At one point in the video, the actress putting on her best Canadian accent, Ellen Burbidge, says Canada is home to “an array of dangerous parasites,” with pictures of Jim Pattison and Galen Weston displayed.

It also refers to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as the “woke-babe PM” and mounties as the “friendly horsey-police.”

People had lots to say in response to the video, with most agreeing with the message it was trying to convey.

Some were glad that the popular series finally touched on Canada, while the content was disturbing for others.

How do you think theJuiceMedia portrayed Canada? Let us know in the comments.

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