Can you spot the hanger in this mind-boggling new brain teaser? (PHOTO)

Apr 24 2023, 3:43 pm

A furniture company in the UK has come out with a mind-boggling new brain teaser that asks you to find the hidden hanger.

It was created by Hammonds Fitted Furniture and there is indeed a hanger hidden somewhere in the mess of clothes.

According to an email from the company, it takes about 97 seconds for the average person to find the hanger.

brain teaser

Hammond Fitted Furniture

Are you able to find the hanger? If not, we have the location at the bottom of the article.

According to the National Eye Institute, optical illusions are puzzles that play tricks on your vision. “Optical illusions teach us how our eyes and brain work together to see,” says the agency.

“You live in a three-dimensional world, so your brain gets clues about depth, shading, lighting, and position to help you interpret what you see. But when you look at a two-dimensional image, your brain can be fooled because it doesn’t get the same clues.”

If you feel like giving your brain a little workout, be sure to check out some of the best puzzling optical illusions from across the internet over the past few years right here.

Were you able to find the hidden hanger?

Here’s the answer if you’ve given up!

brain teaser answer

Hammond Hidden Furniture

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