Freedom Mobile launches first nationwide phone plan for a low price

May 25 2023, 8:55 pm

If you’re looking to save on your monthly phone bills, Freedom Mobile just unveiled a plan that could be perfect for your budget.

On Thursday, the wireless carrier company launched its first nationwide mobile plan, which includes coverage in Canada and the US.

It costs $50 a month and includes unlimited calls, texts, and 40 GB of data anywhere in Canada and the US.

The plan is perfect for anyone looking to go on cross-country road trips this summer in America.

This comes after Freedom Mobile was acquired by Quebecor Inc.’s Videotron in April.

It was previously owned by Shaw Communications, but Rogers’ takeover of the telecom company prompted the $2.85 billion sale of Freedom Mobile to Quebecor.

This satisfied the requirements of the merger to ease competition among telecommunications companies.

In addition to this national plan, Freedom Mobile recently introduced a Mobility Price Freeze Guarantee, which applies to all of its current and future customers for as long as they keep their plan.

And as of May 1, Freedom customers had their local data cap increased by 10% at no additional charge.

The company is now working on upgrading its wireless network to support 5G and seamless roaming.

This move comes as other telecom giants quietly bump up the prices of their most basic phone plans.

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