Flight attendant praised for kicking out flyer who called a woman "b*tch" (VIDEO)

May 8 2023, 5:31 pm

A flight attendant is swiftly becoming the internet’s favourite person after handling a rude passenger in the best way possible.

Travelling is stressful enough, but things got especially heated on what appears to be an American Airlines flight.

In an undated video that now has 3.2 million views, one flight attendant can be seen arguing with a passenger who allegedly called another passenger a “b*tch” for sitting in his seat. However, it turned out that the woman was sitting in the correct seat, and the passenger got the wrong seat number.

And karma ended up being the real b*tch all along.

He’s not flying with us. He’s not flying with us,” the flight attendant declared.

When the passenger asked how to return to his seat, the flight attendant responded, “I don’t know. You should have thought of that before you called someone a bitch because you were sitting in her seat. And all I did was ask you to move… I told you to go to 13D, as in Delta, which is your seat.”

“I thought it was 13C,” says the passenger.

No, you’re trying to— don’t sugar it up now because you called her a b*tch,” says the flight attendant.

When the passenger asks how he will get back again, the flight attendant replies, “You’re going to have to figure that out. Figure out how to handle yourself as an adult while you’re at it.”

Watch the video below:

One commenter joked that the passenger would have to find another way to travel.

However, most people praised the crewmember for remaining professional while putting the passenger in his place.

Daily Hive has contacted American Airlines and will update the story if we receive a response.

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