No Celine Dion? Fans outraged by Rolling Stone's "Greatest Singers of All Time" list

Jan 3 2023, 2:47 pm

Canadian living legend Celine Dion is shockingly missing from Rolling Stone’s “Greatest Singers” list this year, and fans are absolutely not having it.

Rolling Stone rang in 2023 with the annual list — something the music magazine has been known for since 2008. This time, it has 200 entries, including newer musical sensations like Billie Eilish, BTS’s Jung Kook, and SZA, as well as more seasoned artists such as Barbra Streisand, Michael Jackson, Selena, Lata Mangeshkar, and Björk.

Back in 2008, Rolling Stone added celebrities to the list through an “elaborate voting process that included input from well-known musicians.” Due to results skewing in favour of older classic rockers, the determination process has now changed.

This time, the magazine’s staffers and contributors compiled the list, which covers a century of pop music. Unfortunately, the list isn’t being received well due to a glaring absence of some seriously historic names.

“Whoever made this list can’t have taken the task seriously,” said one Twitter user in response. “How is Lana Del Rey on it but not Celine Dion when her music transcended generations… and in two languages!”

Another pointed out that Dion has sold hundreds of millions of albums, and also stressed the fact that she’s made chart-topping music in both French and English.

“Just admit you guys made a mistake,” another fan of Dion stated, adding a clip of the singer performing her timeless number “My Heart Will Go On,” from the Titanic soundtrack.

Last month, Dion revealed that she was battling a rare, incurable neurological disorder that inhibits normal muscle movement. Due to her diagnosis and treatment, the singer has not been able to catch up with all her concerts.

Dion’s daily life has been impacted by spasms caused by stiff person syndrome, causing difficulties when she walks and not allowing her to use her vocal cords to sing how she used to.

Fans were heartbroken and reassured Dion of her iconic status in music history as the person who sang so many soundtracks to their love stories.

How do you feel about the list and the obvious absence of Celine Dion? Are fans overreacting or is this outrage warranted?

Let us know in the comments.

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