This country is Canadians' favourite travel destination, but you'll be charged to visit

Jan 23 2023, 6:02 pm

As COVID-19 restrictions and regulations lift around the globe, 2023 is set to be a big year for travel.

If you’re hoping to be a jet setter this year, but don’t know where to start, Samsonite has the perfect travel inspiration for you.

The luxury luggage brand commissioned a national survey of 1,000 Canadians to give the lowdown on their top travel destination preferences, experiences, and, “the trip where it happened.”

And the country that topped most of their travel bucket lists is none other than Italy.

When asked where they wish they could travel to right now, 59.9% of Ontarians, 50% of British Columbians, 67.9% of people from Atlantic Canada, and 56.3% of people from the Prairies said they would go to Italy.

With delicious food and beautiful sites, what’s not to love?

The Samsonite survey also found that most Canadians chose Italy to get their groove back (27%), fall in love (36.6%), have an epiphany (28.9%), re-invent themselves (29.9%), and propose (35.5%).

The European country leads the pack against other top travel destinations like France, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, India, and Germany.

If you are set on visiting “bel paese,” just be aware of the extra fees you may have to pay to get there, as they can add up!

Starting this year, Canadians will be charged to visit Europe as the launch date for the European Unionā€™s (EU) new visa waiver system, called the European Travel Information Authorization System (ETIAS), gets closer.

Canada, the US, and the UK are just a few of the countries where residents will need to obtain ETIAS authorization upon travelling to Europe.

Click here for more detailed information on Europe’s new visa waiver system.

Venice has also announced its plans to implement a visitor’s entrance fee to combat overtourism in January, but the city council has postponed it as they work on logistics.

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