“Strictly prohibited”: Canadian Tire condemns anti-Trudeau protests in its parking lots

May 19 2023, 4:58 pm

Canadian Tire has taken to Twitter to publicly condemn the protests against Justin Trudeau that have been taking place in their car parks across the country.

The unauthorized use of the Canadian Tire logo by an anti-Trudeau protest raised questions about whether the company endorsed the controversial rallies.

Canadian Tire said it did not authorize the anti-government protest.

However, it failed to prevent the demonstration from taking place.

Canadian Tire took to Twitter on Wednesday to emphasize that it does not condone the store parking lot protests.

“Use of our logo and unauthorized rallies or protests in our stores or parking lots are strictly prohibited,” Canadian Tire stated.

The company’s statement received mixed reactions from the public.

Some appreciated the company’s commitment to maintaining a politically neutral environment on its private property.

Others felt ostracised by the announcement and threatened to shop elsewhere.

One commenter accused Canadian Tire of hypocrisy, stating the company has not done enough to prevent the protests.

Canadian Tire responded by reiterating its dedication to enforcing its private property rights.

The current climate of political polarization is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to navigate.

Canadian Tire may want to maintain a neutral position on political issues but, in doing so, risks alienating customers on either side of the debate.

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