Canadian man tracks missing AirPods travelling back and forth within the US

Jan 16 2023, 6:11 pm

Considering their size, AirPods are fairly easy to lose. So when it happened to one Canadian man, he simply pulled up Apple’s tracking app hoping to find it and was surprised by what he saw.

BC resident Mauro Francis is the executive director for the South Vancouver Community Policing Centre and he recalls boarding an Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Seattle on Thursday, January 5.

“[I] lost my AirPods on the flight,” he told Daily Hive.

So he used his iPhone’s FindMy app to see if he could locate his missing headphones.

“Over the course of the weekend I was able to track them to a residence in Sumner, Washington,” said Francis. Sumner, a city south of Seattle, is about 30 minutes away from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Mauro Francis, executive director of the South Vancouver Community Policing Centre/Supplied

As he continued to use the tracker, what was even more unusual was the fact that the app showed that the AirPods were on the move — and quite regularly, too.

“I saw them back at the airport frequently going between both Air Canada terminals, which signalled to me it’s an employee of Air Canada or the airport,” he said.

And although the app has been great in helping people track their belongings, should they find themselves in a similar situation, Francis warns against taking matters into your own hands.

“As executive director of the South Vancouver Community Policing Centre, I want to stress that although these new technologies are great for tracking lost belongings, but people shouldn’t pursue the items themselves,” he said. “We recommend reaching out to local law enforcement or your local community policing centre such as ours for help. Your local law enforcement agencies can assist with these requests.”

Francis said that he has an open case with Air Canada and Seattle Port Authority.

Daily Hive has reached out to Air Canada for comment.

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