Canada among top 20 countries with the world's most expensive mobile data

May 16 2023, 7:12 pm

If you think your monthly cell phone bill is high, you’re definitely not imagining it: Canada has the 19th most expensive mobile data in the world, according to a recent report.

The report was released by HelloSafe Canada, a platform that compares insurance and financial products. Using data from, they analyzed 5,000 mobile plans worldwide.

“With the same standard of living, only South Koreans ($16.36 for 1 GB of mobile data), Swiss ($9.61), and New Zealanders ($8.77) pay more for their mobile data than Canadians,” reads the report.

So how much is the priciest data in the world?

“The world record for the most expensive mobile data charged goes to the unfortunate inhabitants of the island of St. Helena, who in 2022 paid an average of $53.6 for a GB,” reads the report.

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HelloSafe Canada found that Canadians are paying 42 cents more than the average rate in the US, which came in at number 20.

Mobile data in Canada is so expensive that cell phone users are paying 115 times more than phone users in Isreal. The country has the cheapest data in the world, with 1 GB of data costing users just five cents a month.

And even within Canada, the price difference between the province with the cheapest data and the most expensive data is nearly double.

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According to data released by the Government of Canada, people in Saskatchewan were paying an average of $16 per 1 GB a month in 2021. That rate almost doubles in other parts of Canada with residents of Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Alberta, and Manitoba paying an average of $30.

It’s no better in other provinces either. The average in Ontario is $24, and in BC and Quebec, it’s $26.

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