You might be eligible for more government benefits than you know — here's how to find out

Apr 7 2023, 4:44 pm

The federal government offers Canadians a variety of benefits under different programs. With the new budget dropping last month, these benefits have grown even more.

You might be taking advantage of the Canada Child Benefit, using the Employment Insurance program, or registering to receive benefits created for Canadians with disabilities.

But there are many more assistance programs you might not know about and be eligible for.

Discovering these programs and determining eligibility is relatively easy and can be done in one go.

Canada’s government has a unique form to find tax benefits that you’re eligible for — both federal and provincial. Visit the Benefits Finder page, and have your information ready.

You must submit your province’s name, age, and whether you were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you consider your household income low, you can check that off. If you don’t know whether you meet the threshold, click the “not sure” option.

Next, tick all the health situations that apply to you:


Next, in the list provided, tick off all the health situations that apply to you. These include mental or physical disability, severe or chronic illness, mental illness, addiction, dental problems, prescription drugs and lenses, or other medical supplies and assistance.


You can submit this as is or provide more information about yourself for more tailored search results.

Add your marital status, housing situation, any housing-related plans you’re interested in, and more.

The Benefits Finder does not require or collect any personal information, so you won’t have to worry about a violation of privacy.

Here’s what that section looks like:

We tried submitting a random assortment of answers for demonstration purposes.

Here are all the programs that showed up. Some of the programs listed are catered to Ontarians because that’s the province we chose.

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Depending on where you’re based, your options will also vary according to your provincial benefit programs.

Choose one of the programs, read the information on its page, and apply.

There’s something for everyone — from people seeking preventative testing for disease to workers, aspiring business owners, parents, kids, seniors, immigrants, refugees, and more.

As part of the budget for the fiscal year 2023-2024, the government has introduced a tax-free first home savings account, a dental program for people without insurance, and a one-time grocery rebate, among other programs designed to cater to Canadians.

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