The Blockbuster website is live with a cryptic message — is it making a comeback?

Mar 24 2023, 8:57 pm

It might be time to dust off the ol’ VCR.

The Blockbuster website recently went live and fans are speculating about a major comeback for the video rental store.

“We are working on rewinding your movie,” reads.



What could this mean? Is this hinting at a revival of sorts? Or is this just planting the seed for an April Fools’ joke?

Blockbuster, which has been owned by satellite TV provider Dished Network since 2011, still technically exists as an entity despite closing most of its brick-and-mortar stores in 2014.

It even has an active Twitter account that has been joking about reopening operations.

“Our 2023 New Year’s resolution was to reopen Blockbuster but it seemed like a lot of work so we quit,” a tweet from January 23 reads. “Should we start going to the gym instead?”

Daily Hive has reached out to Dished Network asking for confirmation on all of the questions surrounding the cryptic message on the site. It has yet to respond to our inquiry.

It seems to be a big year for ’90s nostalgia, with the return of the Canadian ’90s staple Zellers, and even sequels to hit sitcoms being set in that era.

Add this to peoples’ current frustrations towards certain streaming giants and it could make for the perfect environment for a comeback.

Fans are certainly here for it.

“Heard a rumour that Blockbuster could potentially make a comeback, 👀 please be true. I wanna relive my childhood again 📼,” tweeted one fan.

“If they make a comeback in ANY way I will cry,” added another.

Others are ready to drop streaming platforms for the possibility of walking into a Blockbuster store again.

But there are those who think the video rental store should stay in the ’90s.

And Blockbuster has its own plans.

Either way, it would definitely be “the comeback of the century,” as one Twitter user put it.

What do you think of a Blockbuster revival?

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