Joe Biden tells Canadian Parliament he doesn't like the Leafs, gets standing ovation

Mar 24 2023, 7:53 pm

Joe Biden knows how to warm up a crowd.

The President of the United States of America was in Ottawa today, speaking to Members of Parliament in the House of Commons. While national security, immigration, and a probable recession were the focus of conversations and the visit, he reserved a moment to chirp the Toronto Maple Leafs.

“Our labour unions cross borders. So do our sports leagues. Baseball, basketball, hockey… I have to say, I like your teams, except the Leafs,” said Biden, which caused the House of Commons to erupt.

He received a standing ovation.


Biden’s statement drew ire looks from some Members of Parliament, but many more stood up and applauded.

“They beat the Flyers in January, that’s why,” Biden said, trying to explain himself. “I married a Philly girl; if I didn’t say that, I’d be sleeping alone, fellas. I like you, but not that much.”

Biden is making his first official visit to Canada since being elected president in 2020. The 80-year-old is the first president to stay overnight in Ottawa, with his speech at the House of Commons capping off his bilateral visit.

While most other presidents have visited their northern neighbours, none have stayed overnight in Ottawa, with the Air Force One flight from DC to Canada’s capital not taking more than two hours. Yet, with Biden’s advanced age, he would not have been able to undertake the entire Ottawa circuit in a single day.

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