Actually effective cleaning products that don't cost a penny over $20

Sep 18 2023, 5:33 pm

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There are few things worse than splurging on a cleaning product, only for it to end up…sucking. So, if you want results (without spending a fortune), check out our list of the best cleaning products under $20.

1. A bottle of all-purpose cleaner that reviewers swear is top-notch.

cleaning products under $20


Not only can it whisk away greasy, oily spills in a snap, but it’s also ammonia-free, making it perfect for cleaning pet messes.

It’s also vegan and cruelty-free.

Get it from Amazon Canada for $4.97+. Available in four scents.

2. A Scrubbing Bubbles toilet stamp that’ll save you from having to reach into the bowl every time it needs a cleaning.

cleaning products under $20


The sticky gel gets activated every time you flush, keeping stains and hard water deposits from forming on your porcelain throne.

Reviewers add that it leaves behind a nice fresh scent, too.

Get it from Amazon Canada for $4.97.

3. A bottle of Bar Keepers Friend cleaning powder that’ll buff away even the most stubborn surface stains.

cleaning products under $20

Daily Hive

You can use it on tile, grout, stainless steel, or just about any other place you’ve got a persistent problem.

I’ll be honest: I thought this was a bit gimmicky when I first saw it online. It seemed impossible for a cleaning product to get that many rave reviews, but let me tell you — it was love at first use. This stuff saved me from scrubbing ’til my arms were sore, not to mention it was magically able to remove stains I’d been assured were here to stay (like rust). If you want to supercharge its powers, let the paste sit and work its magic for a few minutes before going in with your scrubbing tools.

Get it from Amazon Canada for $6.27.

4. A pack of Tide washing machine cleaner that’ll get your appliance looking (and smelling) like new.

cleaning products under $20

It’ll lift away any deposits and residues left behind by your detergents so your machine can function as it should.

It works with both regular and high-efficiency washing machines, but just make sure you don’t add it in with your clothes.

Get a pack of five from Amazon Canada for $14.98.

5. A bottle of Finish dishwasher cleaner if you’re tired of your plates coming out dirtier than they went in.

cleaning products under $20


It breaks down all the icky stuff hiding out of reach, so you won’t have to stress about hidden grease and goop clogging up your plumbing.

You’ll only need to use it once a month — just peel off the cap sticker, pop it on the bottom rack, and run a cleaning cycle!

Get it from Amazon Canada for $5.99+. Available in two scents, in packs of two, and in tablets.

6. A cleaning brush you can fill with your favourite dish soap and go to town on dirty pots and pans.

cleaning products under $20

The scrubbing pad is gentle enough to use on non-stick cookware and has a teardrop shape that’ll let you get into all those dirty nooks and crannies.

Reviewers say it’s fantastic for cleaning bottles, too.

Get it from Amazon Canada for $3.88. Also available in four other styles.

7. A pack of Windex wipes that’ll help you clean up fingerprints and smudges in a flash — no need to whip out your whole glass-cleaning kit.

cleaning products under $20


The package is resealable, too, which means you can take it on the go or leave it in your car.

Get a pack of 38 wipes from Amazon Canada for $18.68.

8. A dusting goo that’ll grab (and trap) every fluffy particle trapped in the corners of your stuff.

cleaning products under $20


Using it is really simple, too: just press it onto a surface — like your keyboard — and let it do the rest.

Reviewers like that it makes short work of pet hair, too.

Get it from Amazon Canada for $9.98 (originally $11.99).

9. A pack of floor cleaner strips because you should probably give those babies a thorough scouring.

cleaning products under $20


Since they come in sheets, they’ll take up way less space in your crowded cupboards than ~tradish~ bottles of cleaner.

You can just tear off as much as you need, let it soak in some water, and presto.

Get a pack of 36 strips from Indigo for $10.99.

10. A razor blade scraper if you’re tired of staring at the caked-on crap on your stovetop.

cleaning products under $20


And if yours is already sparkling (congrats!), you can use it to peel off stickers, decals, caulking, and window films.

You’ll get a handle plus 15 replacement cartridges.

Get the set from Amazon Canada for $14.99.

11. A pack of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sheets that are thinner and more flexible than their OG cousins.

cleaning products under $20


Their bendy design means you’ll be able to clean those hard-to-reach spots, too.

According to reviewers, they don’t shred when you’re scrubbing harder.

Get a pack of eight sheets from Amazon Canada for $3.49.

12. A leather cleaning brush because, as it turns out, soap and water are not ideal for cleaning your leather goods.

cleaning products under $20


It has stiff, synthetic bristles that won’t shed during the cleaning process (not to mention it’s magically effective on dirty suede).

It’s also safe to use on faux leather.

Get it from Amazon Canada for $14.99+. Available in two sizes.

13. A pack of drain de-cloggers if your pipes are a little less than free-flowing lately.

cleaning products under $20


Reviewers like how gentle it is on their plumbing and say flushing with hot water gives the best results.

The powder packets also come with a grabber tool to help you snatch up any trapped hairballs.

Get a pack of three from Amazon Canada for $19.99.

14. A pair of scrubbing brushes stiff enough to tackle stubborn, sticky messes.

cleaning products under $20


One of them even has a silicone wiper blade end that’s great for cleaning gadgets (like around your phone screen).

I didn’t know how dirty certain parts of my house were, like around our sink drains, in the crevices of our appliance doors, and the list goes on (and on). I like that the bigger brush has a grippy backing, making it easy to comfortably apply extra pressure when I’m cleaning a particularly persistent stain.

Get them from Amazon Canada for $17.98.

15. A car interior cleaning spray because your ride deserves to be in tip-top shape.

cleaning products under $20


It’ll leave everything looking brand-spankin’ new while protecting it from UV rays, and you can use it on leather, vinyl, fabric, plastic, and even chrome.

Get it from Amazon Canada for $15.48.

16. A cabinet cleaner and restorer that might convince people you just did a costly reno (your secret’s safe with us).

cleaning products under 20

Daily Hive

Since its formula is polymer-based, it’ll fill in any small cracks and nicks while leaving behind a water- and stain-resistant protective layer that’ll prevent new scratches from forming (it also acts as a UV protectant, so you won’t have to worry about your stuff fading in the sunlight). I personally love that it’s long-lasting, which means I don’t have to buff my stuff every other day.

Get it from Amazon Canada for $19.88 (originally $32.27).

17. And lastly, a bottle of fruit and veggie wash that’ll whisk away any pesticides and preservatives living on your produce.

cleaning products under $20


It’s all-natural, odourless, and tasteless, which means it won’t ruin the taste of your market-fresh goodies.

Get it from for $17.99.

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