Sneaky pranksters strike at BC school again with another name change

Apr 6 2023, 6:05 pm

Earlier this week, we reported on a prank at a BC school involving a name change and it seems those sneaky pranksters have struck again.

Glenbrook Middle School was again the victim of a simple online prank that, at least temporarily, saw its name changed.

Earlier this week, Glenbrook would come up on Google search as Vape City, and for some time last night, it came up as “Homeless Shelter.”

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After the Vape City change, the school district told Daily Hive that its Technology and Information Services department immediately contacted Google to resolve the issue, which was likely the case following the “Homeless Shelter” change.

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The fix this time seemed to be implemented much quicker than the Vape City change, which took a week to change after learning about the prank.

Parents were advised to save the school’s phone number to their contact list to prevent confusion.

“Unfortunately, some android phones look to Google listings to support their Caller-ID services. Which means that [if] you have an android phone, it’s possible that someone from the school will be trying to reach out to you, and it may show up on your phone as Vape City,” the email reads.

BC school name changes lead to new Google reviews

Both of the name changes spawned numerous reviews on Google.

Vape City reviews:

  • Great staff, always recommend best products. Affordable prices.
  • This is one of the worst vape shops ever… they tried to sell me an education?!?!
  • Great selection of many vape flavours and devices. Highly recommend.

Homeless Shelter reviews:

  • “Great shelter, very accommodating staff and they connected me with their vape city rep.”

We’ve reached out to Glenbrook for comment.

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