Bizarre video shows angry man attacking Kia in a Canadian parking lot

Apr 21 2023, 4:28 pm

The owner of a Kia Soul in Edmonton was left scratching their head after a bizarre attack on their vehicle was caught on camera.

In a video that has since made its way around the internet, a man can be seen staring at the compact crossover before unleashing his fury on the car.

Angry dude destroys Kia YEG
by u/Edmxrs in PublicFreakout

He gives the Kia a couple of kicks before attempting to rip off the driver’s side mirror. While making his attempt, he can be heard saying, “don’t worry, I got it,” to someone unknown off-camera.

Then, he asks something he probably should have asked before launching his attack.

“It is the Kia, right?”

After his failed attempt to rip off the mirror, he proceeds to rip off all of the car’s door handles before the video ends.

Well, people had a lot to say about the whole ordeal, and many were left with only questions.

“why the anger? from this angle it looks like the KIA is parked correctly in the spot,” said one commenter trying to make sense of the situation.

Someone else noted, “That was a lot of effort for little effect. Still, dont touch someone else’s stuff. Any idea who he is? Disgruntled customer or some such? In any case, police report.”

According to the original poster, the incident took place at their office, and the Kia belongs to an employee of the business next door.

“He has no idea who the guy in the video smashing his car is. No back story was provided because no one knows why,” they explained.

Another wrote, “The guys either lost his mind and decided he really hates Kia’s and is now on the loose breaking peoples Kia’s or he has a small history with the car owner.”

Whatever the case may be, we hope this odd dispute can come to a peaceful resolution.

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