Author Ziya Tong wants you to know what you're doing to the planet (VIDEO)

Jun 28 2019, 12:49 am

Every year, we lose more than 66 billion domestic animals and wipe out whole species. This, according to Ziya Tong, is the current state of our world.

Ziya Tong is an author and award-winning broadcaster who also serves as the vice-chair of the World Wide Fund for Nature Canada. With our current environmental state, she encourages everyone to take action in conserving our planet.

 “We’re losing life on the planet itself,” Tong says. “If that’s not a reason to get up and rise and join the revolution, I don’t know what is.”


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According to Tong, one of the easiest ways that anyone can help the planet is to stop eating meat, which is even easier to do with all the tasty vegan restaurants in Vancouver.

Tong has shared her passion for science as the former co-host of Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet. She has now channelled this passion into her new non-fiction book The Reality Bubble that shows how we can use a scientific lens to recognize our warped perception of reality when it comes to human impact on the world. This timely piece encourages us to care more about what we’re doing to the planet.


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Tong shares her personal favourite documentaries on this topic and recommends that you watch them to get woke.

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