YYC Airport is just average for passenger satisfaction in North America

Sep 26 2019, 7:30 pm

The latest North American airport passenger satisfaction study by JD Power ranks Calgary International Airport (YYC) as just average.

With a score of 765, the California-based analytics and marketing company’s 2019 report ranked YYC as the 17th best for passenger satisfaction in the ‘large airport’ category — just behind Kansas City International Airport (score 767) and ahead of Chicago Midway International Airport (score 756).

A score of 765 also happens to be the average score for all airports in this ‘large airport’ category.

The top airport in the category was Portland International Airport, with a score of 833.

Vancouver International Airport ranked relatively high, earning a sixth place ranking in the same category with a score of 801.

For the ‘mega airport’ category, the ranking was topped by Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport’s score of 786. Airports such as San Francisco International Airport (rank 13th, score 750), Toronto Pearson International Airport (rank 14th, score 745), and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (rank 16th, score 740) were below the category’s average score of 756.

Edmonton International Airport also ranked relatively poorly, reflected by its 13th ranking and low score of 779 in the ‘medium airport’ ranking.

The study examined six factors in the following order of importance: terminal facilities; airport accessibility; baggage claim; security check; check-in/baggage check; and food, beverage, and retail.

Analysts say top-performing airports benefit from relatively new facilities that accommodate increased passenger volume, incorporate local food and beverage offers, and easy access.

Some of the downward scores for certain airports are likely also a result of construction-related delays, as a number of airports are currently working to increase their capacity to meet booming air travel demand.

In the United States, TSA airport security efficiency has also improved following the implementation of more widespread biometric screening technologies that move passengers through the process faster.

JD Power classifies a ‘mega airport’ as those having 33 million or more passengers per year, ‘large airport’ as 10 million to 32.9 million passengers per year, and ‘medium airport’ as 4.5 million to 9.9 million passengers per year.

YYC saw 17.3 million passengers in 2018.

2019 North American 'large airport' rankings for passenger satisfaction. (JD Power)

2019 North American ‘large airport’ rankings for passenger satisfaction. (JD Power)

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