Woods Canada's Greatest Explorer 2016 seeking applicants now

Dec 19 2017, 11:19 am

Ricky Forbes chases tornadoes for a living. That’s pretty risky, but the star of CMT Canada’s Tornado Hunters doesn’t think you have to be risky to be adventurous.

“Absolutely not,” explains Forbes. “Adventure means something different for every individual and sometimes doesn’t involve any risk or danger. Adventure for myself means exploration. Sometimes this means hiking a trail amongst 100-plus feet tall ancient cedars, other times for myself it means climbing an 80 foot rock wall, and other times it means chasing down the biggest and baddest storms on the planet.”

Forbes is doing interviews to kick-off Woods Canada’s Greatest Explorer, a cross-country search to find 12 of our country’s most avid outdoor adventurers to compete in a series of competitive outdoor challenges to determine “Canada’s Greatest Explorer”, with the winner taking home $25,000.

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Canada has a rich history of exploration from Simon Fraser to Samuel de Champlain to John Cabot and others. Our nation was founded by those who pushed the limits of what was known. And, according to Forbes, that’s what makes a great explorer.

“If you are pushing your own boundaries and discovering areas and activities new to yourself I feel you’re an explorer. You have to be open to conquering your own fears, trekking into the unknown, and taking risks.”

You’re not going on Survivor or the Amazing Race on this one, gang. Woods Canada’s Greatest Explorer is a competition all on its own.

“This competition is about testing real outdoor and adventuring skills coupled with endurance and creativity,” explains Forbes. “The challenges will be in locations showcasing our beautiful Canada, setting this contest into an area all on it’s own.”

Adventure seekers can apply to be one of the 12 contestants in Canada’s Greatest Explorer until April 22, 2016. Canadians can follow all the action this summer on Canada’s Greatest Explorer webisodes available at WoodsExplorer.ca.

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To whet your appetite, here are three adventures Forbes picks as some of Canada’s best:

Northern Saskatchewan

“Saskatchewan is home for me and I grew up hiking, biking and paddling here. The immense forests, never ending lakes and boreal shield make this place an incredible place to explore. The endless beauty of nature here is always a draw for me, that coupled with the sights of some of the most incredible sunsets/sunrise and aurora borealis. Highly recommend.”

Canmore, Alberta

“This place was home for a number of years and I found so many adventures right out my front door. It was the beauty of the vast beauty of the lakes, forest and mountains that got me first and then I discovered the adventures. Summer and winter this place is a haven for all levels of adventures. From a simple day hike to Grassi Lakes to a whitewater kayak down the Kananaskis river. The biking, rock climbing, extensive mountain hiking, skiing, backcountry touring, etc. This place has my heart.”

West Coast, British Columbia

“Sorry, the ‘west coast’ as a location is a bit vague but there’s so many areas to explore and enjoy here! I’m talking about the Sea to Sky highway and anywhere in between. Along that highway is the city Squamish who has the title of the ‘Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada’, and for good reason. You can do almost any activity you want here, and just about year round! I feel this defines many spots on the west coast. The terrain, climate and people in these areas make it so easy and fun to get outdoors. But be careful, the entrancing mountains, beautiful lakes and alluring old growth forests are tough to leave.”

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